Can Liners

Trash can liners fulfill the purpose of protecting the container from getting contaminated. They are also an efficient method of transporting the trash from one point to another. Regardless if your business is in a commercial, industrial or residential setting, can liners play an important role in everyday disposal of garbage. Can liners can facilitate the movement of large amounts of garbage while keeping your working area clean and clutter free.

Types of Can Liners

There are two major types of can liners, low density and high density. If you are looking for a stretchable bag that won’t “seam” tear, you are looking for a low density bag. High density bags are a great way to save money when used in the correct locations. An example of great uses of high density is an office or restroom where you are moving primarily paper and won’t have exposed sharp edges to tear the bag. You can get many varied degrees of thickness of can liners making it important to match the thickness of the bag with the usage of the bag so that you are not disappointed with your results in safely transporting trash.

If you are concerned about whether you are using the right bag in your facility ask your sales representative to take a look next time they stop by to see you. They can measure your can for you to make sure you have the right amount of overhang so you are covered but not wasting part of your bags.

Shop Can Liners Online Here!

Selecting and purchasing your can liners online is easy! Just select high density or low density, and then find the option closest to your desired dimensions and thickness.

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