Buckeye® Symmetry® Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Wash - 1250 mL Pump

Buckeye® Symmetry® Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Wash - 1250 mL Pump

Item # BI-9003-1120

  • Formulated with 0.3% PCMX that reduces common disease-causing bacteria.
  • It contains aloe and vitamin E in a rich, luxurious foam with no reside left behind
  • Mild fruity-floral fragrance
1250 mL, 6/cs

**This item has a limited distribution area - please call for more details**
More Green with Symmetry Hand Hygiene!

Symmetry dispensers require no batteries meaning they work properly every time, save battery pollutants from contaminating the environment, and save you the added cost of continuous battery replacements! Symmetry product bags are flexible for 99% product usage, recyclable, and are made with 41% recycled material. With Symmetry's hand hygiene program you can enjoy reliable access to hand hygiene products, cost savings, and a reduced impact on the environment! This foaming handwash is for general purpose use and contains 0.3% (PCMX) for the added benefit of germ killing. This product also contains aloe and vitamin E in rich luxurious foam to leave hands refreshed even with repeated use. Certified by Green Seal® meeting the GS41 standard. Green Certified®.

This product has a MRSA kill claim.

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Perfectly suited for healthcare, hospitality, schools, exercise facilities, and veterinary facilities.