PRO-LINK® Enzyme Spotter & Odor Eliminator - Qt.

PRO-LINK® Enzyme Spotter & Odor Eliminator - Qt.

Item # MI-B14148

Ready to use enzyme carpet spot remover. Works great on water-soluble protein stains. Eliminates urine stains and urine odor. Also eliminates severe carpet malodors caused by any protein-based stain such as vomit, blood, grass, coffee and other food products. This carpet spot remover works on anything that goes into or comes out of a body. Cleans and controls odors naturally with enzymes that break down and digest the cause of the odor. It also effectively breaks down carbohydrates, fats, and cellulose. Great for use in restaurants, bars, cafeterias and any other high traffic areas. Best pet stain remover we have found! Great Cherry Almond Scent.

STAIN REMOVAL (Carpet and Rugs) –

1. Remove as much of the spill as possible from the stained area.

2. Fully saturate area with Enzyme Spotter & Odor Eliminator to penetrate carpet backing.

3. Agitate from the outside in to keep the spot from spreading. A bone scraper or spoon works great for this.

Allow to work for 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Blot with clean white towels to absorb stain.

5. Repeat if necessary

6. Extract or rinse with plenty of water and some neutralizer (or just regular carpet extraction soap)


Carpet and Rug Institute approved

Green Certified – meets UL 2795 standard

12 quart bottles with trigger sprayers per case

Qt., Cherry Almond Scent, 12/cs
Pack: 12/CS