Tork® Elevation™ Intuition® Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork® Elevation™ Intuition® Hand Towel Dispenser

Item # SC-5511202

  • 14.6" x 13.2" x 8.1"
  • Discontinued.
White, ea

Introducing a new way to simplify the restroom experience. The most advanced electronic system in the industry today. The touch-free electronic dispenser virtually eliminates cross contamination while cutting back on supply waste. Each unit features a choice of two dispensing modes. The towel remains inside the cabinet until the user activates the sensor, delivers maximum hygiene. An adjustable towel length of 8 inches to 24 inches, an adjustable time delay of less than one second to over four seconds, and a stub roll compartment combine to deliver more precise control of consumption. Batteries lasts up to 40 rolls on average with normal usage. It's easy to reach and simple to reload. Can be mounted directly to wall or within a recessed compartment. Numerous back-plate mounting slots fit most any pattern. Utilizes any Tork H1 Roll Towel. Uses 3 "D size" batteries.


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