Pack: 6/CS

PRO-LINK® DiffuseAire e-Merge Refill - Cool Ice

Item # VE-DA09-SR

e-Merge refills offer a revolutionary process to deliver consistent fragrance intensity with the release of different, powerful, and appealing fragrances over time. The release of different aroma's reduces the chance of fragrance fatigue, with occupants noticing a clean and fresh area. e-Merge refills consist of a patent pending fragrance center surrounded by a large molded ceramic block infused with a different fragrance. As with all passive air care systems, fragrance is released by air movement. e-Merge's fragrance particles are less than 1 micron, allowing the aroma more "hang time". These innovative refills offer a great option for those concerned with the environment, and offer many advantages over traditional passive air liquid refills.

Cool Ice, 6/cs
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