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5 Reasons to Care for Your Carpets

14 September 2018

Carpet care can be a daunting task for many janitorial departments. The equipment, chemicals and time involved can sometimes prove too much to take on. Carpet extraction and spotting are an integral part to keeping your building clean and healthy.

Here are five main reasons to care for your carpets all year long:

  1. Facility image – First impressions are everything in business. Having clean, fresh carpets tell the public you care about your building and the image you present.
  2. Improved air quality – Carpets can trap pollutants such as dust mites, allergens and other bacteria. Regular carpet cleaning helps prevent the buildup of these unhealthy contaminants.
  3. Easier maintenance – removing spots and stains as they appear saves time in the long run. Better to do a little work now than spend hours trying to restore your carpets later.
  4. Prolong the life of your carpet – Regular cleaning significantly increases the life of your carpet, saving you money on your investment.
  5. Maintains the carpet's warranty – Most warranties require that carpets be cleaned at regular intervals. This is just another way of protecting your investment.
  6. PL Enzyme Spotter

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