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Introducing Buckeye’s Clarion 25 Floor Finish with Microban

13 December 2018
Introducing Buckeye’s Clarion 25 Floor Finish with Microban

Buckeye International recently announced a new innovation to improve cleanliness and comfort in hygiene-critical facilities such as schools, hospitals, and long term care facilities. Buckeye’s Clarion 25 floor finish is the first of its kind to utilize Microban in the floor finish. With this technology, Clarion 25 provides a 99.5% reduction in germs living on the finish and it lasts as long as Clarion 25 is on the floor.

So what does this mean for end-users? Clarion 25 embeds an EPA registered antimicrobial into the floor finish. The incorporation of this Microban technology helps make the finish easier to clean and helps it stay that way in between cleanings, giving you an added layer of protection without sticky quats or harsh chemicals. Just clean the floor with dust mopping and a neutral cleaner. The end result is cleaner floors and a healthier facility which means a reduction in student, faculty, and staff absenteeism.

Clarion 25 with Microban Technology

Create a cleaner learning environment, a cleaner facility, or a better shopping experience with no additional cost or procedures.

The next level of floor protection is here. To learn more about how Clarion 25 can help protect your facility and save you money contact Great Western Supply today.

Buckeye Clarion 25 Floor Finish demonstrated at a school.