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Choosing The Right Vacuum

30 January 2019

Anyone who cleans floors on a daily basis knows that in order to vacuum efficiently, you need a quality vacuum cleaner. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner.

  • Ergonomics - Choose a lightweight, ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner with easy-access controls, and a lightweight handle that conforms to the user’s hands.
  • Height adjustment - Different carpets have different piles and heights. Upright vacuum cleaners with manually adjustable height are the best choice to tackle a variety of carpets.
  • Air filtration - Choose vacuum cleaners with a true HEPA filtration system. This means the machine is properly sealed, preventing particles from becoming airborne.
  • Attachments - When vacuuming, there are often a variety of surfaces and areas to be cleaned. Choose vacuums that can multitask with built-in hose wands for quick detail vacuuming.
  • Performance - Select a machine that has been tested and proved to be powerful and effective. Look for machines that have The Carpet and Rug Institutes’ (CRI) Seal of Approval.
  • Machines that fit the job requirements - Evaluate the application and job requirements before investing in any vacuum, and select the machine that best fits your needs. New innovations such as back-pack and battery powered vacuums allow even more flexibility in your cleaning.

There’s an abundance of vacuums on the market today, but the most important thing to consider is whether it serves your needs. Choosing the right vacuum can be made so much easier by considering these features and applications. If you can find the right vacuum for your needs, cleaning will become more productive and enjoyable.

Product Feature

Tornado Roam Upright Vacuum available at Great Western Supply in Davenport, IowaTornado Roam Upright Vacuum

Battery powered upright vacuum with no loss of suction. 

The Tornado Roam Upright is the first of its kind in commercial cleaning! With the CK LW 13/1 Roam, you will never run out of power cord because the vacuum is battery operated! This alleviates the need to switch outlets and dramatically increases your safety while cleaning. Additionally, this unit is so light-weight that you can even further increase your productivity. No more outlets, no more cords, and no more bulky vacuums! Tornado has paved the way for the industry’s first and best battery powered vacuum. The results speak for themselves with the CK LW 13/1 Roam from Tornado.

* With a dB rating below 70 you can be free to vacuum any space, including noise sensitive facilities. 

* 13” cleaning path along with cordless operation allows this machine to fit in hard to reach places. 

* Includes an LED light and can pivot down to the ground allowing you to reach under surfaces and see what you are cleaning!

Tornado Roam Upright Vacuum