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Floor Care Combination with Tomcat and Clarion

The Perfect Floor Care Combination

Hard floors can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  It all depends on the way they are taken care of. The key to keeping your floors looking their best is a great floor finish and consistent maintenance with quality products. You can get that one-two punch with Clarion 25 floor finish and Tomcat autoscrubbers. It’s a great way to get amazing labor savings with antimicrobial characteristics.

Buckeye’s Clarion 25 floor finish is the first of its kind to utilize Microban in the floor finish, providing a 99.5% reduction in germs living on the finish. This helps make the finish easier to clean and helps it stay that way in between cleanings, giving you an added layer of protection without sticky quats or harsh chemicals. 

Buckeye Clarion 25 Floor Finish makes cleaning faster and easier.

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Tomcat’s high-quality line of floor scrubbers maximize operator ease while providing exceptional performance. From the thick steel frame to the extra width and height of the brushes, Tomcat has enhanced the quality of every aspect of their floor scrubbers giving you a machine that outperforms and outlasts the competition.

Having these tools in your arsenal gives you the perfect combination of quality and consistent performance that your floors need to look their best all year long. Call Great Western Supply today for a demonstration and find out how Clarion 25 and Tomcat autoscrubbers can take your floor care program to the next level.

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers and Equipment Logo

Tomcat floor scrubber and floor sweeper products have been built in Wisconsin since 1986. Tomcat is a world-leading manufacturer of floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor scrubber-sweepers, as well as orbital scrubber machines for the commercial sector. They manufacture walk behind and rider models of floor machines to maximize operator ease.

Known worldwide for their quality, durability, and their performance, Tomcat’s walk behind and ride on machines can outperform and outlast competitive models. The battery powered, high-performance, compact floor sweeper and scrubber equipment Tomcat manufactures are perfect for commercial applications.

Tomcat has built a reputation by providing the toughest, best engineered, highest-value machines our industry can produce. Their scrubber and sweeper machines continue to be exceptionally well received and are the reason they are one of the fastest growing commercial floor equipment manufacturers in this business.

Tomcat offers:

* Heavy duty steel frame 

* Quality, durable components 

* Taller and broader brush heads 

* Easily replaceable squeegees and brushes 

* Simple recovery tank 

*Pre-sweep and scrub with the cylindrical brush 

*Variety of sizes for all of your cleaning needs.

We'd love to answer any questions you may have about Tomcat autoscrubbers, Buckeye Clarion 25 Floor Finish, or any of our amazing products.  To submit a contact form with your questions click here.

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