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Post Winter Floor Recovery

Temperatures are rising, the snow has all but melted. As winter turns to spring, snow and ice melt will have wreaked havoc on your floors. Now is the time to bring them back to life. Simple maintenance and restoration at the onset of spring is critical to keeping floor care costs low. Most floor damage is caused by ice melting compounds. Most are pretty alkaline in nature and have a tendency to leave alkalinity on floors. On hard floors this alkalinity acts almost like a floor stripper, removing the finish and shine. On carpets, ice melt can cause dark stains and color clouding.

Hardwood Floor being cleaned showing progress midway

Hard Floors

Once the cold weather vanishes, facilities should start by rinsing floors with a neutralizer that's formulated specifically for slippery residue. This process involves mopping neutralizer onto the floor and rinsing it with water. Repeat this step a couple of times before evaluating if your floor needs to be it stripped and/or re-coated. 

Pro-Link Film Free Floor Neutralizer

Hardwood Floor Before and After Showing Cloudy Alkaline Residue and Clean Floor


Carpet restoration is especially important after the winter months. Use an alkaline pre-spray like Pro-Link Traffic Lane Pre-Spray and allow at least 10 minutes of dwell time before extraction. An acid rinse such as Pro-Link Fiber Refresh should be used in your extraction tank for neutralizing and rinsing.

Pro-Link Traffic Lane Pre-Spray

Cleaning Winter Residue From Carpet Removing Alkaline Salt Residue

For more information on floor restoration contact a Great Western Supply Representative or call our office at (800) 322-6815.

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