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Industrial Cleaning Needs

Cleaning industrial job sites has a special set of challenges because of the variety of cleaning you’re likely to encounter. From keeping factory floors clean to taking out the trash in the accounting office, usually a plant or manufacturing facility has many different areas, all with their own set of cleaning needs. Having the right janitorial tools can help you move more quickly through your work, which can be important in an around-the-clock facility where there is no downtime for cleaning services.

We Have Wipes for Every Need

Tork has a variety of different wiper products available to industrial customers. From hand wipes to lint free glass wipers, to heavy duty industrial cleaning cloths, these products can be used in a variety of ways throughout a facility so workers can clean as they go, especially when working on sensitive equipment that may be damaged by dirt and debris.

Tomcat makes a line of sweepers that are powerful enough to pick up pallet chips and metal debris, but agile enough to use between machinery. Follow that with a heavy-duty Tomcat autoscrubber to keep the floors in the dirtiest areas clean so that dirt doesn’t get tracked into offices and other areas.

When cleaning floors you want a product that is fast, safe and effective. Hammerhead degreaser has a non-butyl formula, odor counteractant and excellent total detergent system that cuts petroleum and animal greases with ease. Made in the QCA, Hammerhead suspends oil in the solution making it easier to rinse.

These tools can help make your industrial facility cleaner and safer while eliminating down time, so your operation runs more smoothly.

  • Whatever you need to clean -- be it surfaces, hands or equipment -- we have the wiping paper suited to the task.
  • Choose from a wide selection of products that ranges from single ply to industrial heavy duty.
  • Combine it with a sturdy wall-mounted or free-standing dispenser for rolls, folded towels or pop-ups that allow you to customize products to your needs.

Product Special

Hammerhead 5 gallon pail
During the month of May receive $5 for every 5-gallon pail or $55 off for every 55-gallon drum of Hammerhead. Plus every new Hammerhead trial will receive a free Hammerhead hammer.

Hammerhead Degreaser 5-Gallon Pail Details

Hammerhead Degreaser 55-Gallon Drum

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Tork is the leading global brand in workplace hygiene. From paper towels in hospital washrooms to napkin dispensers in restaurant dining rooms, Tork delivers a great experience for the user and a convenient experience for the buyer. 

Tork has a proud history of innovations. From the very beginning with the launch of their disposable wipes, to their data-driven cleaning software, Tork has been passionate about helping customers improve their businesses since 1968. Now, Tork is working to shape the future of professional hygiene, and as part of Essity, they're dedicated to serving your needs in a sustainable way - saving you time, money, and effort, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.  

Whenever you need to wipe, dry, clean or polish, Tork takes care of it. Their range of dispensers, refills and services is designed to meet the specific needs of washrooms, industrial environments, kitchens, and dining areas. So you can get on with what really matters in your business.

Tip of the Month

Equipment in industrial settings take a beating. Make sure you are checking filters often and taking good care of your machines in general. The dirt and debris that you pick up in a manufacturing facility can cause hoses to break down, odors in tanks, and brushes to wear down quickly.

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