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Batteries For Scrubbers and Burnishers

Types of Lead Acid Batteries

Batteries in our cleaning equipment can improve ease of use, but it also must be managed in regard to regular maintenance.  We'll cover some of the details about batteries, helping you to know when you may need a new battery for your cleaning equipment. Lead acid batteries come in 2 main categories, broken down into 4 different types of batteries. The chart below breaks them down to detail the types of batteries.

Lead acid batteries used in auto-scrubbers and burnishing cleaning equipment.

Differences in Types of Lead Acid Batteries

The number of cycles presented in the infographic above show the differences in longevity for the different types of batteries as well as some of their functions. A standard flooded lead acid battery, for example, can perform optimally for 300 to 1000 cycles whereas a gel VRLA lead acid battery can perform optimally for 200 to 500 cycles. These batteries are used in different cleaning equipment, and it is important to note which type of battery your specific equipment uses so you know just how long the battery is expected to last. A range is provided with each of the types of batteries because environmental factors and age can play a factor in just how many cycles a battery will be good for.

Temperature Effects on Batteries

Batteries for all equipment, not just cleaning equipment, respond to the temperature they are stored in.  Too hot or too cold and the components of the battery will show a negative impact, resulting in poor performance and sometimes in a dead battery altogether. It is important to store your cleaning equipment and your batteries in a cool and dry place and to avoid freezing, optimally stored at 59 degrees fahrenheit.  The chart below shows the temperature vs % capacity, showing that the colder the temperature is the less the battery's capacity.

lead acid batteries used in auto-scrubbers and burnishing cleaning equipment can be impacted by the temperature of the environment they are stored and used in.

Aging Effects on Batteries

A battery's age can play a part in how it is able to perform.  Over time, after many charges and discharges, a battery will not be able to hold the same capacity it once did. No matter how many cycles a battery has performed through, whether it is used monthly or stored for several years, the age of the battery can play a part in how well the battery will perform.  In the chart below we show a general guide to consider for your batteries to help you know when it may be time to replace them.

lead acid batteries used in auto-scrubbers and burnishing cleaning equipment can be impacted by the age of the battery.

If you or your staff has any question about the batteries in your cleaning equipment we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns. If you find that you need a new battery, we can help you get the correct battery ordered and installed to get your equipment up and running quickly. 

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