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The Value Of Clean

A Modest Investment in Cleaning Produces Substantial Returns

The value of clean can be measured in many ways, one of them is the health of the employees at your company. Sick employees ultimately means a loss in productivity and a loss in revenue over time.

The Value of Clean from ISSA

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This infographic provided by the ISSA organization details how the value of clean. When employees are sick, it costs businesses money. Each employee takes 7.7 sick days a year on average, costing $225.8 Billion dollars a year. Cold and flu symptoms suck as dry eyes, itchy or watery eyes, dry throat, lethargy, headaches, chest tightness result in an overall loss in performance by 3% to 8%. Dust exposure affects workers' cogantives skills such as typing, arithmetic, logical reasoning, memory, and creative thinking skills by 2% to 6%. Unplanned absences cause workplace problems to increase. 54% of a decrease in productivity and output is seen, and 39% reduction in sales and customer service perfmances can be seen. So how does clean equal green? Clean means... 80% reduced probability of catching the common cold and influenza. 62% of surfaces contaminated with viruses reduced. 46% reduced absenteeism. Common surfaces with high levels of contamination are computer mice, keyboards, desk phones, break room sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, water fountain buttons, and vending machine buttons. Cleaning has a very real measurable value. 2% to 8% productivity gain. In an 100-associate office with an average salary of $25,000, this equates to $125,000 in savings. Customers prefer cleanlienss above all other topics surveyed including value of product/service, speed, convenience, and variety. Over 6 in 10 QSR customers agree: if a fast-food restaurant is clean, they go there more often. Cusotmers decide where they will shop based on cleanliness, being ranked in imporantance above lighting, temperature, quietness / music, and special events. 60% said a store's environment encouraged them to buy more within the last month. 94% of people would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms. Clean facilities are not just a cost. They generate revenue. Improve your bottom line - where you haven't looked before - with a clean facility.

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