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A Winning Combination

It has been said that microfiber technology is arguably the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century. Not only has microfiber proven to reduce time and energy on certain tasks, it is environmentally friendly. Now that microfiber has been firmly established in the United States, its use is expanding beyond hospitals, which were the first adopters, to schools, hotels, food service and more.
Microfiber has gained momentum in the industry because it is light, reduces risk of worker injury, uses less paper, chemical and water. Also, microfiber is said to have a savings in manpower hours estimated to be 45 percent that of traditional products. Not surprisingly, manufacturers are responding to the growing demand for microfiber products with more innovations in technology, making it even more effective, easier to understand and use and even more affordable.

Implementing A Microfiber System

A good microfiber system matched with a quality cleaning product can cut your costs and manpower quickly. Using products like the flat mop or double-bucket system can help reduce water consumption and makes for a cleaner floor. Add to that a product like Envirox that kills 99.99% of germs and you’ve got an overall cleaning system that will save money, time and make your facility cleaner and safer for everyone in it.
Finding the right products for your cleaning needs is imperative to a good janitorial program. Combining innovative technology like microfiber with premium solutions like Envirox can help you create the perfect environment for everyone in your facility.

Mop Smarter with Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mop head replacement

Product Feature: Envirox Absolute Single & Multi Dispenser

Easy to use and reliable. Manufactured by DEMA[R] Engineering Company and features a proprietary EnvirOx[R] design. The wall mounted E2B2 easily fills application containers in all sizes and shapes with either light duty or heavy duty dilutions. Easy servicing and tip change, no need to remove from wall! Easy bottle loading and removal. Low foaming. ASSE 1055 certified. IAPMO certified. Use to fill mop buckets, autoscrubbers and secondary bottles. High flow and low flow sides make this easy and effective.

EnvirOx Dispensor for Concentrate 117

Partner Shout-out

Microfiber & More has been creating new and innovative products for the cleaning industry for almost 10 years. Their green friendly products help businesses to promote environmentally friendly cleaning processes, which result in cleaner, safer buildings. Microfiber & More doesn’t just sell microfiber, they sell quality high performance cleaning systems designed to reduce water consumption, control chemical use and reduce overall cleaning costs. Their product line includes everything you need to clean your facility including mops, dusters, wall and counter washers, as well as mopping systems designed with your specific needs in mind. When you’re looking for microfiber quality matters, and Microfiber & More provides high quality, long lasting products that you can count on time after time. Great Western Supply is proud to sell the entire line of Microfiber & More products. For more information contact your sales representative or our office today.

Tip Of The Month

The way you launder your microfiber can make a big difference on its efficiency. Make sure to avoid fabric softeners or harsh chemicals when washing mops and dust cloths. In many cases, washing mops in just water is enough to remove the dirt and soil.