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Keep Custodial Staff Safe and on the Ground

07 August 2019

Ladder fatality chart showing 1625 fatalities from ladder falls between 2011 and 2016

Ladders are useful tools that allow us to access difficult to reach locations, but they come with many risks.  Ladder safety is often ignored or not followed carefully and results in work related accidents and injuries.  

Between 2011-2016 there were a reported 1625 fatalities from ladder falls with countless more injuries.

Ranging from under 6 feet off to over 30 feet off the ground, the height can often times leave people thinking the height isn't great enough to cause serious injury.  This is why we at Great Western Supply want to promote safer alternatives with cleaning than having to climb on ladders.  To do this, we promote the use of extended reach light weight vacuum cleaning systems, keeping custodians safely on the ground.

35 to 65 Foot Reach

With our SpaceVac and Unger nLite Carbon Pole System needing a ladder isn't always necessary anymore!  These cleaning systems offer the extended reach that we often need, providing safe and effective cleaning solutions to an often overlooked concern - safety with heights.

See below for demonstration videos of both of these revolutionary vacuum cleaning systems.

SpaceVac Demostration

Unger nLite Carbon Pole System Demonstration

Unger HiFlo 55' Window Cleaning Kit

The Unger HiFlo waterfed extension kit will allow you to clean windows and surfaces up to 55 feet in the air, keeping you and your crew safely on the ground.

Unger WaterfedHiFlo 55' Window Cleaning Kit extends 55 feet in the air to keep you on the ground

Demonstrations Available

Stop in to our showroom for a demonstration of the SpaceVac or Unger nLite Carbon Pole Systems today.

Vaccuming 24 foot ceiling from the ground

Ladder Safety Tips

If you find there is no way around using a ladder for your cleaning needs, please remember to follow some basic safety tips and prevent injury.

  • Ladders in front of doorways are dangerous
  • Guard ladder in heavy pedestrian areas
  • 4:1 rule Every 4’ high the ladder should be 1’ back from the wall
  • Always have full contact on floor and wall
  • Tie-off extension ladder to wall
  • Don’t Overreach