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04 September 2019

Your floors say a lot about your facility. Keeping them looking their best is an important part of any cleaning program. Great Western Supply Co. is proud to make products to help your floors shine. We commissioned an experienced chemist to come up with cleaning formulas that work great and are cost effective. Made from scratch right here in the Quad Cities, Great Western brand products are available in 5 and 55 gallon containers.

Product Spotlight

Great Western Rock Solid Floor Finish

Great Western Rock Solid Floor Finish will leave your floors solid for years.

  • A durable, burnishable high gloss floor system
  • Eliminates dirt pick-up problems associated with some high speed finishes.
  • A metal cross-linked sealer and finish combination.
  • 20% floor solids.
  • Covers 2500-3000 square feet per gallon.

GW Rock Solid Floor Finish

Great Western Brand Floor Products

Every step of the way Great Western has high quality floor products to make your floors hold up through the years.

Great Western Supply brand floor products


Removes surface dirt, spills & traffic soil without attacking the floor’s shine. Leaves no film or streaks. Its low foaming formulation makes it ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. It neutralizes the corrosive haze left by ice melt. Works well in spray bottle applications.

GW Brand No Rinse Floor Cleaner


An amazing non-butyl degreaser that removes petroleum, animal, vegetable oils and greases better than any other product we have found. This total detergent system emulsifies and holds oily soil in suspension for easy cleaning. It has controlled foam for easy rinsing and an odor counteractant for professional deodorizing.

GW Hammerhead Degreaser


Formulated for detergent resistant floor finishes. This aggressive no-rinse formula allows rapid penetration of even the most stubborn finishes that have been repeatedly burnished with propane burnishers. This unique formula is free from ammonia and caustic.

GW Floor Stripper


The most aggressive floor finish stripper you will find. When diluted with lukewarm water, the solution will break up and penetrate the heaviest, burnished finish build ups. This product needs to be used in well ventilated areas.

GW Base Coat Remover

Quality small batch products isn’t just for adult beverages. Match these products with GW Brand Rock Solid Floor Finish and GW Brand Super Gloss Floor Finish for winning combinations to keep your facility clean, safe, and under budget.

Partner Shoutout

Great Western Supply Co Logo

Since 1926, Great Western Supply has served the Quad Cities and surrounding areas with paper, janitorial supplies and equipment. We help building maintenance managers who struggle with keeping their buildings clean, safe, and good looking while staying within a tight budget.

The GW Brand of cleaning products have been made in the Quad Cities since 1945. They are time-tested and high quality. Our GW floor finish has been used in over 400 buildings (millions of square feet). Our customers have purchased over 36,500 gallons of our floor finish in the last 5 years.

We pride ourselves on making cost effective products that work to help you achieve your maintenance goals. So when you’re looking for a quality product to help keep you within your budget, from a local company you can trust, choose Great Western floor care products. Our customer service representatives would be happy to help you develop a system that will keep your floors looking their best for years to come.

Great Western Supply Co's New Look

Great Western Supply on 53rd Street in Davenport, Iowa

We have a new sign! Lit up and ready to go, come see our updates and pick up some cleaning products for the coming season. 116 E. 53rd Street | Davenport, IA 52806

Pre-season Ice Melt Specials

Pre-season Ice Melt sales have begun. This is your chance to get your ice melt at reduced prices. Just place your order with Great Western Supply before September 30th, have it delievered by November 1st and pay before December 1st. It's a great way to stock up and save!

Great Western Ice Melts