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Tackling Handwashing Hurdles

01 October 2019

We all know that washing our hands is key in stopping the spread of disease, but the real dilemma facing our society is how to make handwashing compliance a habit. Despite ongoing efforts aimed at changing behavior, handwashing compliance remains a constant problem. According to the CDC on average, healthcare providers perform hand hygiene less than half of the times they should.

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Buckeye Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash

Symmetry foaming hand wash available through Great Western Supply

  • Unscented, luxurious foaming hand cleaner
  • Biodegradable and free of dyes
  • Certified by Green Seal meeting the GS41 standard
  • All packaging is BPA free

Symmetry dispensers require no batteries meaning they work properly every time, save battery pollutants from contaminating the environment, and save you the added cost of continuous battery replacements! Symmetry product bags are flexible for 99% product usage, recyclable, and are made with 41% recycled material. With Symmetry's hand hygiene program you can enjoy reliable access to hand hygiene products, cost savings, and a reduced impact on the environment! This unscented luxurious foaming hand cleaner is biodegradable and free of all dyes. It is Green Seal™ certified meeting the GS41 standard.

Buckeye Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash

Buckeye has introduced a new system to maximize handwashing compliance. The Symmetry Behavior Modification System (SBMS) is a set of unique, cost effective tools, designed to inspire hand hygiene compliance. Unlike negative motivators, this program is based on six key tenets that offer a positive approach designed to inspire.

Each tenet offers a unique way to drive compliance.

  • #1 BENEVOLENCE - The disposition to do good
  • #2 RESPONSIBILITY - Others expectations and/or requirements
  • #3 ACCOUNTABILITY - Willingness to accept responsibility and comply
  • #4 VARIATION - A change in form, substance or position of something
  • #5 EMOTION - Strong feelings towards something
  • #6 DIRECTION - Instructional and guided statements to prompt action

Different from education and awareness, the goal of SBMS is to provide tools that capture attention in the moment using things like brightly colored dispensers and visual lighting cues, driving an immediate hand hygiene event to take place. Using tools like these the hope is to make hand hygiene a lifelong habit for everyone.

CDC - Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives

Company Corner

Great Western Roll Towel Auto-Cut Dispensers

Modern Designed Dispenser is lightweight, durable, and slimmer than other dispensers on the market.

Longer Lasting Rolls are 20% thicker than standard hardwound roll towels and offer 960 hand towels per roll.

Rolls Made From 100% recycled fibers, saving the environment while saving cost.

Great Western Compact Autocut Towel Dispenser

Great Western Supply auto-cut roll towel dispensers for health

Partner Shout Out

The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program

Symmetry hand hygiene program

Facilities see towel waste reduced by 48% on average when they install Great Western Roll Towel Auto-Cut Dispensers.

A hand hygiene program is complete only when you have all of the necessary components.

The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of hand hygiene products, awareness and education tools, and training for your specific needs.

Symmetry’s line of innovative hand washes, hand sanitizers, lotions, body washes, and dispensers are ideal for any market including healthcare, retail, schools, government, food service, manufacturing, automotive, and more.

Symmetry Behavior Modification System

Handwashing is the single most important procedure to stop the spread of germs. Handwashing keeps you from transferring germs to other areas of your body, other people, and the environment. Wash your hands with Symmetry hand wash and eliminate germs.

Take the Symmetry hand challenge. Symmetry challenges you to evaluate the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program against your current hand hygiene program. Call Great Western Supply Co. today to set up your hand hygiene evaluation.

Symmetry hand hygiene program imagery including brochures and program information.

Visual Lighting Cue

The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) published a study to measure hand hygiene compliance using visual lighting cues (VLCs). The study concluded that a flashing light affixed by hand hygiene dispensers increased hand hygiene compliance to approximately double.

In the study, the light drew attention to the dispensers, which reminded people to practice hand hygiene. Symmetry VLCs are available in amber (yellow) and red, and may also be customized in several other color choices. Symmetry VLCs can even be set to specific flash frequencies.