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Gateway Can Liners

31 October 2019

Improved Strength with Gateway Can Liners

Gateway Can Liners are made out of a special, strong resin that out performs all others. 

The Gateway .8mil truly out performs competitive manufacturer's 1.35mil.  This claim is not only amazing but also verified by Great Western Supply staff as shown in this video.

Info graphic : increase performance, reduce waste, save money

Strength vs. Thickness

Gateway Can Liner in Can

Gateway's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO is committed to using the highest quality resins.

High quality resins maximize liner strength, making Gateway's lighter liners stronger than thicker linesers with lower quality resins.

Great Western Supply ensures you will not waste money on liners that cannot live up to performance expectations. As an added benefit, our thinner liners result in plastic reduction, which provides you with overall cost savings.

Compared to traditional can liners, Gateway's R-Spec liners offer:

Gateway R-Spec can liners in box

  • 45% more tensile strength
  • 33% more puncture resistance
  • 28% more tear resistance
  • 31% more weight capacity

Because of this extensive testing, Gateway is able to provide the thinnest, strongest liner that works 100% of the time.

Contact your Great Western Representative and ask for a Gateway Challenge. We will come to your facility, test several liners at different gauges, review the results and identify the best option, and show you the true value of Gateway’s R-Spec resins.

Gateway R-Spec Low Density Liner Rolls   Gateway R-Spec High Density Liner Rolls