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Getting the Most Out of Your Floors

First impressions are everything and that makes your floors a high priority. To keep floors looking their best, you need an effective hard floor care program. We understand that labor, resources, cost, and expectations are all important factors when choosing your floor care program. No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, we can help you customize the most successful floor care program for your facility.

Why Care About Floor Care?  Because people care. The appearance of your floors is often an indication of how well your facility is cleaned and maintained.

Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education Study

  • 78% of students state school cleanliness affects their health.
  • 84% of students state school cleanliness creates a positive learning environment.
  • Lack of school cleanliness affects allergies, spreads germs, increases bug and rodent infestations, and promotes higher stress levels. Clean schools keep students healthy and promote academic success.

2016 Grocery Study - Store cleanliness is one of the top things customers notice while shopping in a grocery store. Shiny floors, clean restrooms, etc. directly impact how customers think the store cares for and handles their produce, meat, seafood, and other products. Satisfied customers are 2.2 times more likely to recommend a particular grocery store to others.

How Do You Keep Floor Care Costs Down? The best way to maintain your floors is by implementing an effective hard floor care program using superior products that require less labor.  90% of a floor maintenance budget is spent on labor.

Great Western Supply field representatives have what it takes to help you fine tune your floor care program.  We help with techniques, Non-Yellowing finishes with superior gloss, and floor care equipment.  Give us a call so we can help you show off your beautiful floors.

Featured Product

Buckeye® Clarion® 25 Floor Finish with Microban

Buckeye® Clarion® 25 Floor Finish with Microban

  • Effective against pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak according to the EPA.

  • State of the art floor finish designed with the latest technology.

  • Microban provides protection against harmful or damaging elements or microbes.

  • Non-powdering, non-yellowing, scuff resistant and detergent resistant.

  • Self-leveling technology and rapid drying reduces labor costs.

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