Commercial Cleaning Tips

Hard Floor Care

We are serious about hard floor care at Great Western Supply. Below are several PDFs detailing tips, tricks, and sound advice to maintain your hard floors all year long.

Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floor Care

  • Regularly sweep, dust mop, or vacuum hard floors
  • Wipe up and dry spills immediately
  • Using hardwood cleaner, occasionally mop the hard floors.
    Note: Do not steam or use water on hard floors, only approved cleaners.
  • Use protective mats made from natural materials outside entrances.
  • Minimize scratches and dents by keeping pet nails trimmed, removing shoes before walking on the hard floors, and using rubber furniture rollers.
  • Support furniture on the hard floors with flat floor protectors that are at least an inch in diameter.
  • Minimize direct sunlight on hard floors.
  • Do not use floor mats that consist of plastic, foam, or rubber as they can discolor and leave residue on hard floors.
  • Do not use bleach, abrasive cleaning soaps, ammonia-based cleaners, vinegar, or wax-based products to clean hard floors.

Applying Floor Finish

Applying floor finish can sometimes seem like a large undertaking, but with the proper supplies and preparation a new floor finish can be applied effectively. In the below PDF we detail the tools and steps needed to do just that.

Applying Floor Finish PDF ↗

Applying Floor Finish with Backpack Procedure

Utilizing the backpack procedure while applying a floor finish can simplify application of the finish on hard floors. We provide detailed steps on how to apply a floor finish using the backpack procedure in this PDF.

Applying Floor Finish with Backpack Procedure PDF ↗

Daily Floor Maintenance

Caring for your floors every day can go a long way in increasing their longevity and providing beautiful and well maintained floors for years to come. We cover a few simple steps to keep your floors beautiful day in and day out.

Daily Floor Maintenance PDF ↗

GW Brand Floor Maintenance System

Unsure of which products will benefit your specific floor? We've got you covered! We break down the best products and ideal maintenance for hard floors in the PDF below.

GW Brand Floor Maintenance System Guideline PDF ↗

Spray Buffing - Burnishing Floors

For large commercial and industrial hard floors spray buffing and burnishing is an important step in Hard Floor Care. In the below PDF and video we review how to buff and burnish a large floor, step by step.

Spray Buffing - Burnishing Floors PDF ↗
Spray Buffing Burnishing Video ↗

Strip and Wax a Floor

Having the right supplies is crucial for getting the job done right. In the below PDF we detail all of the materials used in stripping and waxing a floor.

Strip and Wax a Floor Material List PDF ↗

How to Strip and Wax a Floor Video ↗ 

Visit here for a whole webpage dedicated to How to Strip & Wax A Floor. ↗

Stripping Floor Finish

Stripping the finish off of a floor made simple with our step by step guide in the below PDF, demonstrating each step in completely stripping the finish off of a hard floor.

Stripping Floor Finish PDF ↗

Top Scrubbing Floors

The finish on hard floors will last longer with proper top scrubbing. Using this method, you can reduce the number of times your floors need to be stripped and refinished. We cover how to top scrub your floors in the below PDF and video.

Top Scrubbing Floors PDF ↗
Top Scrubbing Video ↗

Carpet Care

Proper carpet care is essential to maintaining your carpets and floor mats for many years to come. We'll help walk you through the details of caring for your floor mats and carpet.

Daily Vacuuming

To get the most out of your carpet it is important to vacuum it every day. In the below PDF we go over tips to vacuum efficiently and effectively.

Daily Vacuuming PDF ↗

Carpet Spotting

Spot cleaning carpets is important when spills occur on carpets and floor mats. Quickly tending to the spill with carpet spotting is the most effective way of removing spots in carpets. We review steps for carpet spotting in the below PDF and video.

Carpet Spotting PDF ↗
How to Remove a Carpet Spot with Pro-Link's General Spotter ↗

Extraction Cleaning

Every so often when carpet spotting isn't enough and larger sections of carpeting needs cleaning, extraction cleaning should be performed. In the below PDF we provide a step by step guide on carpet extraction.

Extraction Cleaning PDF ↗

Office Cleaning

Cleaning an office is an artform in itself. In the below video and PDF we demonstrate how to efficiently clean an standard office and tips for removing trash and dusting in an office.

Office Cleaning ↗
Removing Trash & Dusting PDF ↗

Floor Care Troubleshooting Guide

When caring for your floors, sometimes we find that the results aren't what we were looking for. We're here to help you troubleshoot your floor finish problem.

Discolored Floor Finish

One of the most common problems our customers see with floor finishing is discoloration in the floor finish. In the below PDF we help solve that problem and offer steps to resolve it.

Problem: Discolored Floor Finish PDF ↗

Sticky or Tacky Finish

Is your floor finish still sticky or tacky? How much dry time is needed between finish coats? We help troubleshoot these problems in the PDF below for sticky and tacky floor finish.

Problem: Finish is too sticky or tacky PDF ↗

Other Cleaning Resources

Floor care means to clean and care for many different types of floors and surfaces. We have a few more handy cleaning resources for some of the other tasks involved in cleaning your floors.

Custodial Management with Spartan CompuClean

Spartan is a trusted name in custodial management systems. See the below video detailing their CompuClean Program.

Spartan's CompuClean Program Video ↗

Restroom Cleaning Tips

Restrooms are always in need of extra care. Everyone uses them and everyone wants a clean experience. Here is a PDF with tips for proper restroom care.

Restroom Care PDF↗

OSHA Pictograms

Ever wonder what the OSHA pictograms mean? We break down some of the most common pictograms used in OSHA materials to help you know just what you're looking at.

OSHA's GHS Pictograms PDF ↗

ISSA Value of Clean

ISSA's mission is advancing cleaning and driving innovation. In this video ISSA details the value of clean.

ISSA Value of Clean Video ↗

Discover the value of clean and how it translates to business revenue with this infographic created by ISSA.


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