Hardwound Roll Towel & Dispensers

Using Paper Towels with Dispensers in washrooms as opposed to electric dryers promotes healthier living and reduces costs for facilities to install and maintain.

Hardwound Roll Towel and Dispenser

Natural Brown Hardwound Roll Towel and Dispenser Features

Hardwound Roll Towel In Dispenser


Reduce waste by 48%   

Facilities see towel waste reduced by 48% on average when they install Great Western Roll Towel Auto-Cut Dispensers 

Modern Designed Dispenser is lightweight, durable, and slimmer than other dispensers on the market

Longer Lasting Rolls are 20% thicker than standard hardwound roll towels and offer 960 hand towels per roll 

Rolls Made From 100% recycled fibers, saving the environment while saving cost

Premium Brown Hardwound Roll Towel

Soft, strong, and highly absorbent, this natural hand towel offers an optimum combination of quality, performance, and value. 

Fits most roll towel dispensers.

  • 22lb Test Weight Paper (24lb case weight)
  • 7 3/8th” Diameter Roll
  • 7 7/8th” Wide Roll
  • 2" Core Diameter
  • Made from 100% Recycled Fibers 

Great Western Auto-Cut Dispenser 

Our Pro-Link Auto-Cut Roll Towel Dispenser delivers sanitary hand towels with reliability and ease.  The modern design (available in translucent black or white) enhances the look and sanitation of any commercial restroom.  Guests touch only the towel they use, which leads to healthier and safer washroom visits.  The one-at-a-time towel dispenser design reduces consumption and saves money. 

  • Comes in Black or White 
  • Holds High Capacity HWRT800K Towels 
  • Auto-Cut Ensures 960 Hand Towels Per Roll 
  • Saves Custodial Time and Labor 

Paper Towels Promote Healthy Lives 

Cleaner Hands

The physical act of a paper towel wiping the hands removes much of the germs.  Studies show over 75% reduction of bacteria on fingertips and palms by using paper towels.  By comparison, electric hand dryers caused bacteria counts to increase.  By switching to paper towel dispensers from electric hand dryers, facilities provide cleaner and healthier environments for the public. 

Faster Washroom Traffic Flow 

The user quickly gets a towel and can step aside for the next person to use the service.  Electric dryers can require the user to monopolize the equipment for the drying cycle.  Faster paper towel service is an appreciated convenience and sometimes aids production costs and time in a manufacturing setting.

A Safer Situation 

Paper towels reduce the possibility of wet, slippery floors. 

Potential Cost Savings 

Electric dryers are initially expensive when you consider the high unit cost, installation expense as well as maintenance in repair situations.  If for example: the unit cost is $300 that equates to about 40,000 paper hand dries.

Another Cost Savings Factor

Frequently, one paper towel dispenser does the job of two or more air dryers because of minimal paper towel waiting time.

User Satisfaction

Think about face drying----it’s both awkward and uncomfortable with hot air.


There can be personal discomfort if the washroom is susceptible to excess heat due to its size or venting.

Less Costly Vandalism

If there is vandalism, paper towel dispensers are less costly to repair or replace and, faster, too.

Easier Dispenser Install

Only simple tools and regular labor assistance is needed for installation.

Washroom Traffic Enhanced

Paper towel dispensers are more versatile and can be installed in more places than an air dryer---for example:  it’s best not to position an air dryer above the sink.

Low Cost Servicing

Even if air dryers are in use, waste receptacles are needed in washrooms for cleanliness reasons.  Towel dispensers are easily replenished during normal cleaning rounds----no need for special trips with high capacity towel dispensers.

Continuous Service

Unlike air dryers, if a dispenser is inoperable, paper towels can still be situated in the washroom.

Lower Cost Toilet Tissue Service

It’s not unusual with air dryers that users will substitute toilet tissue to wipe and dry hands.

More Thorough Drying/Cleaning

Paper towels provide a complete drying process. Soapy water and soil residue is rubbed into the paper towel.  Air dryers may have a tendency to dry residue on the hands.

Rapid  Drying

It usually takes less than 10 seconds to paper dry hands.


Hot air dryers recycle air from the washroom floor which is full of germs and bacteria.

Great Western Heavy Duty Roll Towel Dispenser


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Premium Natural Hardwound Roll Towels

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