Tomcat® Floor Scrubber

Floor Cleaning Equipment made in the USA.

Tomcat floor scrubber and floor sweeper products have been built in Wisconsin since 1986. Tomcat is a world-leading manufacturer of floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor scrubber-sweepers, as well as orbital scrubber machines for the commercial sector. They manufacture walk behind and rider models of floor machines to maximize operator ease. Tomcat is known worldwide for their quality, durability, and their performance due to their walk behind and ride on machines being able to outperform and outlast competitive models.

Tomcat Floor Scrubber demonstrated at an airport

Tomcat® Floor Scrubber demonstrated at an airport.

The floor scrubber, floor sweeper, floor burnisher, and orbital scrubber models we offer fit well in the commercial floor cleaning equipment industry.  Their scrubber and sweeper machines continue to be exceptionally well received, and are the reason Tomcat floor scrubbers continue to be the fastest growing commercial floor equipment manufacturer in this business.

Tomcat Floor Scrubber Features

Tomcat Sport Floor Scrubber

Heavy Duty Construction

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers are made with modern, heavy duty parts made in the heart of the MidWest.  From the thick steel frame to the extra width and height of the brushes, Tomcat has enhanced the quality of every aspect of their floor scrubbers.    

Quality Construction
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Quality, Durable Components
  • Taller and Broader Brush Heads

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers are made in the USA in Wisconsin

Easily Replace Squeegees and Brushes

The Tomcat Floor Scrubber offers a general ease of use when replacing common components as well as ease of maintenance on the cleaning equipment.  Great Western Supply technicians are specially trained to help handle maintenance or repairs needed, regardless of how large or small, to make your cleaning equipment last longer.

Easy Maintenance
  • Quick Squeegee Replacement
  • Quick Brush Replacement
  • Simple Recovery Tank Cleaning

Pre-sweep and Scrub with the Cylindrical Brush

The Tomcat Floor Scrubber with the Cylindrical Brush head not only offers a superior clean, it removes the need to pre-sweep a floor prior to scrubbing. The scrubber has a debris collector to save time in both prep-work and in post-scrubbing touch-ups. Having the built in sweeper removes streaks and runs during scrubbing, offering cleaner floors in less time. 

Ideal for...
  • School & University Halls and Classrooms
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Warehouse Facilities

The Tomcat Difference

The deck of the Tomcat Sport model is protected by steel guards and large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls. Popular in most applications where general cleaning is a concern, this feature saves time while offering a superior clean.  Using locally manufactured components, all Tomcat Floor Scrubbers are made in Wisconsin, the heart of the MidWest. We at Great Western Supply are proud to feature the Tomcat cleaning equipment series and will service your cleaning equipment to make it last for many years to come.

Tomcat Sport for Tight Spaces

The Tomcat Sport Floor Scrubber is created to fit into tight spaces that larger floor scrubbers may not be able to access. Cleaning right to the edge, this series of floor scrubbers offers versatility to help facility managers maintain all their floors with ease.

This demonstration image shows just how easy it is to get the Tomcat Floor Scrubber into the tight spaces of a locker room. Notice how the scrubber is able to get right to the edge, offering a superior clean with fewer passes.

Tomcat Floor Scrubber Demonstration in a locker room.

Tomcat Edge Floor Scrubbers

The Tomcat Edge Floor Scrubbers have the highest down-pressure in the industry while using the Edge orbital scrubber technology.   

Squeegee adjustments are made simple with the quick change squeegee latch, allowing toolless maintenance with the 4-sided squeegee blade. The "Edge" orbital scrub head delivers premier chemical-free floor stripping. The Edge head cuts water consumption during normal scrubbing by 70% for further environmental sensitivity. Front fill system. Quick change squeegee latch. Clogged squeegee red alert light. Drain saver basket. Isolated vac motor.

Great Western Equipment Service

At Great Western Supply we've built our reputation on providing the toughest, best engineered, highest-value machines our industry can produce. We maintain a "factory" trained service department with a vested interest in our customers’ long-term satisfaction.  Whether it’s preventative maintenance or repairing broken cleaning equipment, we are here to help.

Great Western Supply offers top quality lines of cleaning equipment that includes sweepers and scrubbers, in both walk behind and ride on models. All our models are practical, rugged machines that are sensibly priced. We are also happy to assist you with floor scrubber rentals, floor soap, and floor sealer information. We will gladly provide service on all brands of cleaning equipment.

Want to know more? We have more for you! Available in several models to tackle a wide range of needs, we have just what your facility is looking for and can help you service your new equipment to keep it in working order for years to come.

Tomcat Sport Scrubber DryerTomcat XR Rider Scrubber

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Tomcat® Floor Scrubber Manufacturer Details

To find out more about Tomcat Floor Scrubbers from the manufacturer, browse to their site using the link below.

Tomcat Cleaning Equipment Website

Additional Tomcat Floor Scrubber Demonstration Images

Tomcat Floor Scrubber Demonstration in a Warehouse

Tomcat® Floor Scrubber demonstrated in a warehouse.

Tomcat Riding Floor Scrubber Demonstration in a Service Bay

Tomcat® Riding Floor Scrubber demonstrated in a service bay.

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Tomcat Floor Scrubbers at Great Western Supply's Showroom in Davenport, Iowa

Tomcat® Walk Behind and Riding Floor Scrubbers at Great Western Supply's Showroom in Davenport, Iowa.

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